3 Most Popular Fitness Trends

3 Most Popular Fitness Trends

Year after year, more and more individuals are understanding and appreciating the importance of leading a healthier lifestyle. Whether it is in healthier food choices and eating habits, more appropriate and effective stress management techniques, or even more frequent visits to healthcare practitioners for a regular physical check-up, the man of today has grown more concerned about his overall state of health than in the past. And as the second month of 2016 draws closer, health and fitness buffs are wondering what could be the most popular fitness trend this time around.

 Fitness Trends

Dr. Walter R. Thompson conducted a survey entitled Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2016 which as published in the November-December 2015 issue of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal. Dr. Thompson provided a glimpse of the top 10 fitness trends to hit the fitness floors this 2016. Here are the top 3.

The Rise of the Wearable Technology for Fitness Buffs

fitbit- wearable techEver since the first ever wearable technology in the form of the calculator watch in the 1980s came into widespread use, man has kept pushing the boundaries of technology to create activity trackers. These devices are fully embedded with sensors, electronics, software, and connectivity that allow them to exchange data or communicate with other devices, operators, or even the manufacturer on a highly automated basis.

Today, wearable technology manufacturers are burning the drawing boards to come up with the next wave of fully integrated biometric sensors able to measure a variety of physiologic parameters important for the monitoring of physical fitness progress. From step counters to accelerometers to heart rate and blood pressure monitoring wearable devices to GPS trackers, fitness buffs and enthusiasts will have all the information they will ever need at their wrists. What is trending now include smart glasses, interactive textiles, and smart fabrics.

The Back-to-Basics Body Weight TrainingFitness Trends For 2016- Antler Farms endurance with deer antler velvet

Everyone knows the importance of maintaining physical fitness. Unfortunately, not many know that you don’t have to hit the gym or invest in expensive exercise equipment in order to achieve and maintain physical fitness. Body weight training is essentially keeping fit without the use of exercise equipment. In cases where instruments or materials are needed, one can readily make improvisations at home. The back-to-basics approach of body weight training can be divided into four major classes of exercise: push exercises, pull exercises, core exercises, and exercises for the legs and gluteus.

The Continued Rise of High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT TrainingPreviously the number 1 fitness trend, high-intensity interval training has been relegated to number 3. Nonetheless, HITT still remains a formidable trend to be deposed by others. HITT requires a cycle of short burst high-intensity exercise routine followed by a relatively short recovery or rest period. However, the medical community and some health and fitness experts have discouraged the use of HITT because of the unusually high rates of exercise-related injuries associated with HITT. It remains a very popular choice among physical fitness buffs and aficionados, however.

These are the top 3 fitness trends for 2016. Whether or not you are going to follow the trend, the more important thing to understand is the whole essence of physical fitness – to achieve and maintain optimum health.