Which Is Better, High Or Low Reps?

When it comes to lifting weights, one common question is whether it is better to lift heavier a couple of times or lighter dumbbells 25 times? Of course, when you look around at the gym, you will see the men doing the first, lifting heavy weights while the women are curling 6 to 10 lb … Read moreWhich Is Better, High Or Low Reps?

HIIT Training Explained

There are many types of exercise routines that have mushroomed these days. Cross-fit training, pilates, cardio regimen, triathlon training– all in the hope of toning the right muscle group and improving body systems in the most effective way. A new technique that has recently gained popularity is the HIIT or the High-Intensity Interval Training. This … Read moreHIIT Training Explained

The Many Health Benefits Of Stretching

You already know that in order to stay healthy and physically fit, you need an excellent dose of regular exercise as well as good nutrition. Add to this a sensible lifestyle modification and you should be on your way to a healthier you. Unfortunately, for most people, exercising simply means going to the gym and … Read moreThe Many Health Benefits Of Stretching