Change Your Workouts Around to Burn More Calories

Change Your Workouts Around to Burn More Calories

Some individuals only perform cardio training because it is more fun than doing weights. There are also individuals who prefer weights over cardio training simply because they want the chiseled abs a lot more. If you are either of these types of individuals, then you may need to change your workouts and turn them around to help you burn more calories. For this to work, you really need a combination of cardio and resistance or weight training.

Two Fundamental Exercise to Burn More Calories

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The idea behind these two fundamental exercise regimen is that you need to pump up your body’s need for energy while at the same time build more muscles that are more efficient at using and burning those calories.

When you perform cardiovascular endurance exercises such as running on the treadmill, riding the stationary bike, jogging on the track, doing several laps on the Olympic-sized swimming pool or even dancing your heart out to some Latin dance craze, you are increasing your body’s need for oxygen. This can be done by increasing the rate of heart muscle contraction while at the same time increasing the amount of blood returning to the heart. This is needed to make sure that more blood is pumped out from the heart and into the different cells and tissues of the body. This provides the necessary element for burning the calories that are needed for the different physiologic processes of the cells and tissues.

In the initial stages of your cardio training, your heart will be pumping as fast as it can. You have to make sure to rest in between sessions lest you lose control of the rhythmic contractions of the heart. Over time, your heart muscles grow in relation to the increased need for oxygen. This makes the heart become more efficient in pumping blood. This leads to slower heart rates but more forceful heart muscle contractions. This is why professional athletes will show slower heart rates despite running for 25 miles non-stop compared to the average person. So, the more efficient the cardiovascular system is in delivering oxygen, the more efficient is the body in burning calories.

lift weigts to burn more caloriesWeight training strengthens your muscles. These exercises work by stretching groups of muscles to their limit in an effort to increase its muscle tone and strength. Muscle tissues burn more calories at a much more rapid pace. This is because the muscle is in a perpetual state of semi-contraction. When a muscle contracts, it needs energy in the form of calories. So, the more muscles you contract, the greater the calorie-burning efficiency. Now, weight training develops muscles and makes them in a state of partial contraction every time. This simply means that even if you are not exercising, you are still burning calories because of the partially contracted nature of well-toned muscles.

Now, imagine combining the two elements – cardio and weight training – and you have just unlocked the real secret to more efficient burning of calories. So, the next time you hit the gym, make sure to allot sufficient time and effort for both cardio and weight training.