Protein Helps Build Muscle

Protein Helps Build Muscle

Eat Proper Amounts of Protein To Build Muscle

Most doctors recommend a variety of exercise routines to help build muscles. Then again, following just muscle development routines will not totally help grow muscles. Even if you are exercising really hard, but failing to eat the right food, it can cause damage to your muscle tissues. Food that contains essential nutrients is vital for proper maintenance and muscle growth. A diet that is rich in proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates provides the appropriate nutrition for muscle building.



Protein, in particular, is the main structural component of all the cells in the body, including muscle. It also includes hair, skin and body organs. Proteins break down into amino acids, that happen to be the building blocks of healthy proteins. These are precursors to immune response, hormones, cellular repair, co-enzymes and various other molecules essential for life. Moreover, protein is necessary to form blood cells, and is utilized as a fuel when carbs and fat resources have become quite low.

A diet loaded with proteins is paramount to muscle building. Proteins are vital element to any muscle building diet. Weightlifters and bodybuilders are usually advised to have a diet rich in it in order to develop muscles. Since proteins are the building blocks of muscles, increasing its intake is important to help build muscles. Bodybuilders make sure that they consume plenty of proteins every day to achieve the optimum benefits.

Protein Sources

Many of us believe in the misconception that we should include meat in our daily diet as a way to get protein. It is completely false. Sure, meat is a viable source of protein, but it is not the only one. Vegans will need to have well-balanced meals with lots of varieties in their diet regime just to get the required proteins in the body.

There are many foods that contain large amount of proteins. Include these foodstuffs in your diet if you are seriously interested in gaining muscle. Acquire proteins by eating the following sources of food:

• Fish (salmon, tuna)
• Poultry products including chicken and turkey
• Dairy products including cottage cheese, yogurt and milk


Kinds of Protein Supplements

Most users of protein supplements are the ones who exercise for long hours, particularly the muscle builders. It is also consumed by people whose regular diet is low in proteins. Health stores nowadays are flooded with these kinds of supplements. Understand the type of protein supplement that is suitable for you.

• Egg Protein – It is considered to be an effective form of healthy protein. The white is the most proteinaceous part of the egg. Egg protein supplements offer all the potential benefits to this protein minus the added cholesterol of egg yolk.

• Whey Protein – It is the most popular protein supplement that is used by body builders and power exercisers. Whey protein aids in producing amino acids that are needed in maintaining and developing muscle tissues.

Whey Protein Isolate is a purer form of whey protein that removes carbs, fat and lactose making it the most highly bioavailable and rapidly absorbed protein.

If you are lacking protein, or if you exercise regularly, taking a protein supplement is a convenient and healthy way to reach your daily needs. Antler Farms Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate is the purest, cleanest protein on the market. Get yours today!