Historical Uses of Deer Antler Velvet

Deer Antler Velvet Use Goes Back Hundreds of Years For centuries, many different cultures have known about the benefits of deer antler velvet. The most well documented ancient use comes from China and the Far East. For over 2000 years, the Chinese have used the velvet of a deer’s antlers as a cornerstone for Traditional Chinese … Read moreHistorical Uses of Deer Antler Velvet

Deer Antler Velvet and Arthritis

How Can Deer Antler Velvet Help Arthritis? Deer antler velvet is used to support healthy joint function. The joint is where two or several bones meet. At the end of the bone is a thin layer of cartilage, which cushions the joints and spreads pressure put on it. Your bones can move without friction because of the cartilage … Read moreDeer Antler Velvet and Arthritis