What Is TRX Training?

What Is TRX Training?

Ever wonder what kind of workout famous celebrities use in order to keep those figures? Well, one of their well-kept secrets happens to be TRX training. This exercise regimen was developed from the Navy SEALs and quickly became popular in many gyms all over. In fact, you might not have noticed its existence when you were working out. If you ever noticed black and yellow straps hanging somewhere, then this is TRX.


Advantage Of TRX

This full-body strength workout uses your own body weight and gravity instead of machines or other paraphernalia like dumbbells. Although this is recommended for endurance athletes and power lifters, it is also great for newbies. Similar to Pilates, it works out your whole body, focusing as well on your core and using your own body weight.

This is a great workout that can be easily adapted to your fitness level. For beginners, starting slow is, of course, best, increasing in intensity until you can train in the full position. Proper breathing is also vital throughout, and make sure to be in touch with your body and how it reacts to the regimen.

Another advantage of TRX is that it is one of the most flexible exercises out there. You can start it in a gym, with a professional to guide you in the beginning, then eventually continue at home. Because of its handiness, it is preferred by those on the go, because you can easily do this while traveling as well. All it takes is a simple set up and you are ready to work out!

Some people hate working out because the routines can get old. TRX is, on the other hand, the complete opposite of boring, because there are easily hundreds of exercises that can be performed. You can also control the intensity of the exercise by adjusting your body’s position to either increase or decrease resistance.

What Can You Expect From Your TRX Suspension Trainer?

1. These simple straps are enough to give you a fast and effective total-body workout. No need to transfer to different machines, these are enough to train every single part of your body.

2. It helps you build a rock-solid core. The movements will focus on strengthening your core, much like in Pilates.

3. It helps you build your muscular endurance. By using your own body, you can slowly increase the resistance by changing your body’s position and this can contribute to building your muscles as well.

4. You can increase intensity as you go along. Beginners do not have to fear that this regimen is too intense at the beginning because you can start easily and build up as you go along.

5. You can save a lot of money. Either from gym memberships that you might not be able to utilize as much or from expensive machines at home, you spend less by just investing on your own set at home. You don’t have to leave home to work out, and you can bring it with you wherever you go.

Training cannot be as simple and yet as effective as TRX. In fact, on your next visit to the gym, why not try it out, and get hooked on it like hundreds of others out there!