Why Anabolic Steroids Are Bad For You

Why Anabolic Steroids Are Bad For You

We often hear people who go to the gym talk about anabolic  steroids. We also hear athletes using them to help them maintain good body form and improve their performance in every game. In particular, many believe that steroids are good for the body. However, there have been studies and researches that prove otherwise.

One significant study is Dr. Aaron L. Baggish’s test on weightlifters. Dr. Baggish has performed a test on 12 weightlifters who took steroids and 7 weightlifters who did not take any drug. After nine years, the results showed that the steroids users had serious problems in their cardiovascular system. So, before you even consider taking anabolic steroids, understand the possible harm you may be doing to your body.


Steroids Are Risky for Both Males and Females

Teenagers or any male who consume steroids may suffer from prostate growth. This could lead to prostate cancer that may cause death. Boys may also suffer from impotence, sterility, and lower sperm count. There is also a high probability of developing testicular atrophy. One embarrassing negative side effect is the development of breasts known as gynocomastia. According to statistics, 8.2% of males aged 18 to 25 are using anabolic steroids while 27.8% of them know someone who uses steroids.


For girls and women, they may suffer from shrinkage in the size of their breast. They may also suffer from abnormal menstrual cycle, deepened voice, male pattern baldness, and male-type body hair such as the beard.

Harms the Cardiovascular System

We consider taking products that we think may help us physically, but anabolic steroids apparently don’t do much good to the body. It has been proven that steroids cause blood clotting disorders, elevated triglycerides and cholesterol, and salt and water retention, which lead to high blood pressure. It also causes enlargement of the heart, which increases the risk of heart attacks.

Damages the Skin

We are always advised to follow a healthy diet to maintain good skin. Many are using products to make the skin even smoother and healthier. However, there are also products such as the anabolic steroids that significantly damage the skin. It may cause the skin to become oily and produce bad acne on the chest, shoulders and back. It also causes balding and puffy cheeks.

Destroys the Gastrointestinal System

Since the steroids are taken inside the body, we can expect the systems inside the body to suffer the most. The digestive system is one of the most that will surely suffer once you start consuming anabolic steroids. Continued use may cause formation of liver cysts. This could lead to liver cancer.

Other Bad Effects

Apparently, anabolic steroids have a lot of bad effects when one continuously use it. In addition to the above, it may also cause hypertension, bad breath, aching joints, jaundice, trembling, and increased chance of injury to muscles, ligaments and tendons.

With these numerous health risks of using anabolic steroids, you must now highly reconsider not using it if you have plans to incorporate it in your diet in the future. It would be better if you look for safer alternatives such as our pure deer antler velvet.