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Antler Farms New Zealand Lanolin


✅ Made in New Zealand - Antler Farms® Lanolin is sourced from free grazing Merino sheep. Our sheep are raised in the beautiful highlands of New Zealand's South Island, where they live outdoors and feed on green pasture year-round. No hormones, antibiotics, hyper-immunizations, or GMO’s are used to raise our sheep.

✅ Powerful Moisturizer - Our lanolin is a powerful natural moisturizer and emollient. It has moisture binding and humectant properties that soothe, soften and hydrate rough, dry skin. Perfect for human use due to its similarity to our skin's natural oils and gentle on all types of skin.

✅ Protects Skin - Antler Farms® New Zealand Lanolin protects against harsh environmental conditions. It forms a breathable skin barrier to keep impurities out while locking moisture in. Prevents dry, chapped skin while restoring much-needed moisture from within.

✅ Clean Sourced - High quality products begin at the source. Antler Farms® New Zealand Lanolin is produced in one of the cleanest places on earth. Our lanolin is 100% pure, clean and hypoallergenic, with no petroleum, parabens, preservatives, sulfates, additives or dyes.

✅ Pharmaceutical Grade - Antler Farms® New Zealand Lanolin is USP and EP grade, meaning that it meets or exceeds purity requirements of the United States and European Pharmacopeia. It is safe for daily use for everyone, including babies and nursing mothers.

What is Lanolin?

Lanolin is a natural moisturizing substance that is produced by sheep. It’s sometimes referred to as wool grease or sheep wax.

The sebum is very similar our skin’s natural oils, which is why it is used in a wide array of skin care products. It contains a complex mixture of high molecular mass lipids, including fatty acids, sterols, hydroxy acids, diols, and esters.

The primary function of lanolin is to condition a sheep’s wool, to keep it soft, fluffy, moisturized and protected from the elements. These same conditioning properties make lanolin great for our skin.

What are the Benefits of Lanolin?

Most moisturizers fall in one of three categories: humectants, emollients, and occlusives.

Lanolin is both occlusive and emollient, which means it performs double duty to protect and soften your skin.

Lanolin is classified as a semi-occlusive moisturizer. It creates a barrier over the skin to trap moisture while also being semi-permeable, allowing skin to breathe. It is a powerful, long-lasting hydrator that reduces the evaporation of skin’s moisture by up to 30%. This is especially useful when dealing with harsh winter weather, cold wind, or dry indoor heating systems.

At the same time, lanolin keeps skin looking and feeling plump and youthful due to its emollient (skin softening) properties. It is absorbed deep into the skin, where it can hold 400 times its weight in water. It restores much-needed moisture from within, making it one of nature’s finest moisturizers.

Lanolin is tremendously effective for the treatment of rough, dry, or scaly skin, including eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. It can also aid the skin's natural repair process.

You can use lanolin from head to toe. Apply it topically for soft, hydrated skin on your entire body!

Here are some more popular uses:

TREAT CHAPPED LIPS: lanolin’s waxy texture makes it an excellent lip balm. It creates a seal over the lips and absorbs moisture from the air to heal dry or chapped lips.

RELIEVE SORE NIPPLES: lanolin can prevent and relieve sore, dry or cracked nipples caused by breastfeeding. It is non-toxic for both the mother and baby.

RESTORE CRACKED HANDS AND FEET: lanolin is ideal as a hand and foot balm. It helps heal dry and cracked hands and feet almost immediately.

SOOTHE SUNBURN: lanolin’s moisturizing properties can soothe sunburned skin and minimize peeling.

WARNING: People who are allergic to wool should avoid lanolin. Additionally, people who are prone to breakouts should not use lanolin due to its mildly comedogenic properties.

How is Antler Farms® New Zealand Lanolin Processed?

Antler Farms® New Zealand Lanolin contains 100% pure lanolin from sheared New Zealand merino wool.

Our New Zealand lanolin comes from free grazing Merino sheep raised in the beautiful highlands of New Zealand’s South Island. Our sheep live outdoors and feed on green pasture year round. No hormones, antibiotics, hyper-immunizations, or GMO’s are used to raise our sheep.

Lanolin is derived from the wool of sheep. In New Zealand, Merino sheep are sheared at least once a year. This is required for the sheep to stay healthy as merino sheep do not shed unlike wild sheep.

Once the wool is collected, it is kneaded in hot water to release the lanolin. This liquid is run through a centrifuge to separate the raw lanolin from the water. Raw lanolin undergoes a refinement process to eliminate any pesticides, chemical residues and natural alcohols, to create pure lanolin.

Lanolin is gentle on all types of skin and safe for everyday use.

Your body will thank you.

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