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“I’m sure taking velvet has the potential to give me the incremental improvements all athletes strive for. I really believe it helps my training, energy and endurance. I feel better and recover faster when taking velvet.”*

- Hamish Carter
Triathlete, 2004 Olympic Gold Medal Winner


“My strength in the gym has improved significantly. My ability to handle a higher load of training and the level of my strength and physiology have been distinctly improved.”*

- Rob Waddell
Rower, 2000 Olympic Gold Medal Winner


“My wrists have borne a large workload, and I feel that taking velvet antler allows me to maintain flexibility and joint function. I believe it helps my general good health and energy levels.”*

-Bob Charles
Professional Golfer


“A virus resulted in reactive arthritis which left me unable to ride, train and compete. Deer velvet was a key ingredient in my recovery.”*

-Glen Thomson
Cyclist, 2008 Commonwealth Games Gold Medal Winner


"We've been able to perform better in the gym and in the bedroom since using deer antler velvet. We recommend Antler Farms® deer antler velvet for anyone who wants to improve their general, physical and sexual health."*

-Holli & Michael
Hosts of Playboy Radio's SWING with Holli & Michael


"When exploring the backcountry, I have to be ready for everything. It's crucial to have the endurance to hike, swim, climb and rappel for hours, even days, on end. I take Antler Farms® deer antler velvet with me on all my adventures."*

-Ben Greene
Outdoor Adventure Guide


“I've been taking deer antler since 2012 so I've been taking it for years and I definitely believe in it. And for recovery after hard, intense workouts, deer antler is a must. Go to AntlerFarms.com, definitely get the [deer antler velvet extract tablets] and the [deer antler velvet capsules]. Take those two in combination and you will feel great.”*

“This protein is the best protein I've ever had in my life.”*

“It's a great supplement. The best thing about collagen is that it contains a full amino acid profile - essential, nonessential and also branched chain amino acids.”*

- Michael Ray Garvin
"World's Most Jacked Athlete"
NFL Wide Receiver, Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions
7-time All American Sprinter, Florida State University
US Olympic Track and Field Qualifier  

"The first thing I noticed was the recovery benefits- less soreness and stiffness after workouts- which made it easier to go harder the next day. Interestingly, I also noticed a strength increase and a little bit more muscle fullness the first day of using it."*

-John Basedow
Fitness Personality and Author


"We love it and we're so thankful that we found this protein."*

-Chad James Buchanan and Ashlyn Showalter
Actor and Fitness Coach

"I've been taking both the pills (capsules) and also the extract (tablets) and I've noticed significant significant growth as a result of using the products."*

-Bryan Clark

"I have to put the highest quality and purest supplements in my body to compete."*

-"Fast" Eddie Fernandes
World Long Drive Champion

"I love that they are treating their cows right and that I'm not getting any additional chemicals or steroids or growth hormones."*

Kevin Kreider
Star of Bling Empire
Nutrition Coach
IFPA Pro in Men’s Physique

"I believe these products allow active recovery. My [soreness] stayed the same even though my load increased [20-30%]."*

-Jeff Fairbanks
"Prince of Pain"
Endurance Athlete

"I've never been in better shape since I started taking deer antler velvet. Your products work. It's the missing component that helped me excel and go to the next level."*

-Paris Jackson
Recreational Fitness

"This product is going to help you with recovery, endurance, strength. It also helps neutralize fat. My body composition has changed. I’m leaner and I feel a lot better in training sessions."*

-Aaron "Tex" Johnson
Professional MMA FIghter & Brazilian Jujitsu Champion

"It's worked phenomenally. My strength numbers have been going up very consistently and rapidly. I plan to be a lifetime user and I highly, highly, highly recommend this stuff."*

-Brendan Ridings
2X Powerlifting Champion/Corrective Exercise Specialist

"Since I've been taking the deer antler, my numbers have gone up. My strength has grown. My recovery is amazing. Your products helped me take it to the next level. Get on this stuff. It'll change the game."*

-Donica Storino
IKFF Kettlebell Champion/Certified Performance Enhancement & Physique Transformation Specialist/Certified Personal Trainer

"My endurance, recovery and my strength all improved. I increased the amount of weight I was putting up faster in a shorter period of time than I had seen using other supplements. It worked for me. This is definitely a product that I'm going to continue to use."*


"I use this for my recovery after a workout. Almost all my clients are on it."*

-Carson Kemp
Fmr. US Army Ranger
Master Fitness Instructor
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

"My recovery time was literally cut in half. I was doing two-a-days - I do kickboxing and strength & conditioning. I noticed a little more muscle mass. My body fat percentage is definitely decreasing. Overall a great product. I've tried a lot of different supplements. But this stuff I can say is 100% legit."*

-G. Merrell

"Specifically what it does is it enhances your recovery, it helps with your testosterone levels, helps with lean muscle mass. I'm getting at least 2-3 more reps in my sets, especially with big muscle groups. I recommend it to anyone."*

-Michael Novak

"What I love about this brand is that it does not upset my stomach. This stuff is delicious with water. It's easy on the go. This is low carb and low sugars. I hope you love it as much as I do."*

-Renee S. Tadros
Fitness Model

"[Antler Farms® deer antler extract has] helped me so much where everyone says I'm stronger. Everyone says, "You used to look like you're in pain a lot, but now you look like you can handle more weight, you have a lot more energy, [and] you're a lot more focused. Give it a shot. You won't regret it."*

-Mikey Gentz

"I have been real happy with the results. My lifting has definitely increased alot. I've gotten alot stronger. My endurance is amazing too. It's kind of had a domino effect on my workouts and my health overall. I've added almost 10 lbs. of muscle, which has been great. If you are looking for a good product to take, I highly recommend the one I came across and the one I have been using, Antler Farms®."*

-Jarrett Cross
Recreational Fitness

"Antler Farms puts out the best whey protein isolate I've ever tasted."*

-Anthony Apodaca
Former San Diego Charger
Holistic Nutritionist
Personal Trainer

"I was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 3. For those of you who do not know Muscular Dystrophy is a disease that essentially means muscles with bad nutrition. My results with this product have been phenomenal. I've definitely noticed an increase in energy, definitely strength. I went from 12 reps to 43 reps in just five weeks. There is something special about this product."*

-Todd Harrison
Beat Muscular Dystrophy

“It's probably one of the most natural ways that you can help improve your IGF-1 or HgH production. The reason why I've looked into deer antler velvet extract is because I want a natural way that I can improve my muscle production, improve my recovery time, train harder, train longer, and just improve my quality of life.”*

-Adam Evans
Health and Fitness Vlogger

"This mountain bike loop that I do almost everyday usually takes 48-50 minutes. After a few weeks of Antler Farms®, I saw that number continually go down. I am at basically an average of 4 minutes shaven off every time that I do that loop. Faster recovery also. I have more energy later on in the afternoon. Just all around really good results. Good stuff. Highly recommend it."*

-Adam Demes
Recreational Mountain Biker

"There's a rising supplement that's about to make some NOISE very soon and I'm here to let you know about it first. I saw great results from my workouts using Antler Farms deer antler spray and I highly recommend it to everyone!"*

-Adam Ali
Online Fitness Celebrity

""I love this honey. My family loves it too." - Micha

"I am 60 years old and had polio when I was six months old. Throughout my childhood I had 7 orthopedic surgeries to correct the damage leftover by polio to my left hip, leg and foot. I am battle scarred and a Post Polio Syndrome Survivor. I cannot praise your product enough! Its difficult for me to walk. I normally use a battery powered scooter in malls and airports. The least amount of physical exertion walking and standing creates days of agony afterwards. This past Saturday I walked the mall, went for a movie and dinner. I was active all day and well into the night without tiring. I kept waiting for the intense painful spasms and muscle contractions from my polio atrophied muscles in the left leg and also my hips. Usually late at night is when the pain and spasms are the most intense. But guess what? I am not hurting anywhere near the level I use too. I am not fatigued. I used Antler Farm's Deer Antler Velvet a couple of years ago when traveling to Machu Picchu, Peru. I am still amazed I climbed the ancient Inca Trail unaided with just my cane. Antler Farm's Deer Antler Velvet has improved my quality of life significantly."*

-Dr. Christos Kioni
Celebrity Spiritual Advisor

*Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person