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The World's Best Deer Antler Velvet


Antler Farms® deer antler velvet is the world's best deer antler velvet. While there are many products on the market, our signature line of deer antler velvet supplements is head and shoulders above the rest. 

No one is as meticulous in selecting the right sources, as technologically advanced in their production, and as transparent in their methods as us. The reason is simple. It would demonstrate that Antler Farms® is the #1 deer antler velvet brand, period. 

 Sourced From Top Grade New Zealand Deer - Antler Farms® deer antler velvet is produced from top grade, carefully selected New Zealand red deer. To create the highest quality deer antler velvet products, we start with the highest quality animals. Our deer are raised in the Canterbury region of New Zealand’s South Island. Here, they thrive on our farms. They roam on rich, abundant, open pastures and eat what they are supposed to eat - grass. There is no better deer stock than our New Zealand red deer herd.

No deer are harmed or killed to harvest our deer antler velvet. Antler Farms® deer are raised in cruelty free, humane conditions in full compliance with government regulations. They are routinely screened for disease, agricultural and chemical contaminants.

Highest Concentration of Active Ingredients - We only use the best, highest yielding components to produce the strongest supplements. Antler Farms® deer antler velvet is collected at the peak of potency. In this phase, it is a unique superfood containing 40 key compounds and 400 active ingredients including the full growth factor matrix and IGF-1. 

The high concentration of active ingredients means our deer velvet will give you quicker results, more improvements and increased benefits.

Our deer antler velvet capsules are made from the best parts of velvet - the tips, upper and middle sections of "whole stick" antler. These segments are rich in protein, growth factors and lipids. We exclude the inferior base and bottom segments that have more mineral and mineral ash content.

Our deer antler spray and extract tablets are made with a proprietary process that yields an unmatched 75:1 extract ratio. Unlike our competitors, our extracts are standardized to contain specific amounts of natural, bioavailable, active growth factors. The growth factor content is measured and disclosed on the label, so you know exactly what you are getting.

Superior, Unmatched Processing Methods - Antler Farms® deer antler velvet is cold processed using methods and systems designed to maintain and increase their potency. We employ innovative techniques that are more labor intensive, more time consuming and more expensive than conventional methods to produce supplements that are vastly superior to any other products on the market.

Unlike other brands, we never use alcohol, chemicals or heat which are destructive deer antler velvet proteins and lipids.

Our deer antler velvet capsules are freeze dried. Other manufacturers use heat assisted techniques to dry the deer velvet, which can harm the beneficial properties of antler velvet.

Our deer antler spray and extract tablets are crafted using a confidential method that extracts the growth factors from raw velvet. Then processes are performed to increase the concentration and absorption of the growth factors. Unlike our competitors, we use a liposomal delivery system that enhances the bioavailability of our deer antler velvet extracts to up to 95%.

We take great care to ensure that our products are of the highest possible quality. That's why we are the #1 brand for deer antler velvet supplements and why thousands of customers depend on our products for sports, health and fitness.


The product that is right for you depends on your reason for taking it.

For General Health and Therapeutic Use

Our deer antler velvet capsules are made of 100% pure deer antler velvet, with minimal processing. In general terms, after deer antler velvet is collected, it is dried, milled into a powder, and encapsulated. In this form, deer antler velvet retains its full spectrum of nearly 40 key compounds and 400 active ingredients in their naturally occurring ratios. The capsules are swallowed and the nutrients are absorbed through the digestive system. Traditional users of deer antler velvet prefer capsules because it is a pure, natural, whole food that has general health and therapeutic benefits. We recommend lower dosages for general health benefits and higher dosages for therapeutic use.

For Athletic Performance and Recovery

Our deer antler velvet extract is processed with the intention of isolating and maximizing the full GF matrix which stimulates cell growth, maintenance and repair. Fresh deer antler velvet is processed to purify and increase its growth complex far beyond its normal composition. The extract is administered sublingually (under the tongue) and is absorbed into the bloodstream. Those seeking to improve their athletic performance and recovery prefer deer antler velvet extract due to the performance benefits associated with increasing these powerful factors in the body. It helps build muscle, increase endurance and speed recovery. Both the liquid and tablets contain the same 75:1 deer antler velvet extract, but differ in potency. The tablets have four times more active ingredients per bottle than the liquid.


Our products are a great value for what you receive. When comparing our price to others, note the following differences:

    • New Zealand deer farms have a higher, costlier standard of care and handling of animals than other countries (i.e., China, Korea, Russia, United States, Canada).
    • We are very selective in the deer we farm. 80-90% of the red deer population in New Zealand would not meet our standards. Because of our requirements, we could not and would not purchase our velvet from a collective like most companies. We know exactly where our deer velvet came from - our farms. 
    • Our techniques are more labor intensive, more time consuming and more expensive than conventional methods. We could make cheaper products, but we choose not to. We produce the world's best deer antler velvet.
    • We do not use the cheap, ineffective base and bottom segments in our antler velvet capsules (most competitors do). Our capsules are 500 mg (most competitor capsules are 250 mg). Our bottles have 180 capsules (most competitor bottles have 60 capsules). On a dollars per gram basis, our product is very competitively priced.
    • Our deer antler velvet extract has a 75:1 extract ratio, an extremely high concentration. We use 75 parts fresh, top grade, whole stick deer antler velvet to make just 1 part deer antler velvet extract. The cost of raw materials is reflected in the price of our product. Most competitors sell deer antler spray with far lower ratios. Beware of companies that claim high extract ratios with no proof of growth factor content (see next point).
    • Our deer antler velvet extracts contain IGF-1 and the full growth factor matrix. The contents are tested and verified. Most other companies do not have the technological capability to process their extracts and retain deer antler velvet's active growth factors. Always check the label on deer antler velvet extracts for the growth factor content. If it’s missing from the label, it’s probably missing inside the bottle too.
    • Our deer antler velvet extracts use liposomes for superior bioavailability and absorption. Liposomes are microscopic vesicles that encapsulate and transport active ingredients in to locations in the body where they are most efficiently absorbed. Most other companies do not have liposomal delivery and the extract is destroyed by stomach acid before absorption.
    • Our deer antler velvet is 100% pure, with no fillers or additives. Competitors put cheap ingredients into their products and claim they "boost" their product. The truth is the added ingredients decreases their cost and makes their products more ineffective.


    Every deer antler velvet company claims that they have the best, most potent product. Sadly, most companies have no basis for such a claim because they sell products that can be proven to be completely ineffective. How can a consumer tell which products actually work?

    When evaluating deer antler velvet extract, one should examine the following:

    • Extract Ratio – what is the concentration of the extract?
    • Deer Antler Velvet Extract Content - how much extract is in the bottle?
    • IGF-1/Growth Factor Content - how much IGF-1/growth factors are in the bottle?

    With these three pieces of information, one can get a sense of the quality and potency of a product. If ANY these pieces of information are lacking, it was intentionally omitted by the company to hide the quality, or lack thereof, of their product.

    Some companies boast about their high extract ratio, or milligrams of deer antler extract, but do not state the IGF-1/growth factor content. That means they do not state the main active ingredient! This glaring omission should be a red flag for the consumer. Before buying any product, check that the growth factor content is clearly printed on the label. This legally binds the company to the statement. It also presumably means that the content has been tested and verified by independent parties.

    There are hundreds of deer antler velvet products on the marketplace. However, a majority of them come from questionable sources and are processed with destructive methods. This combination results in flawed products with little to no growth factor content - in other words, they are products that will not work.


    To produce a high quality product, the raw material must be processed in a manner that preserves the growth factor content. Heat, alcohol and other chemicals are commonly used in traditional deer antler velvet processing methods. All of these can and do reduce the effectiveness of the product.

    Most deer antler sprays/extracts on the market today are made by soaking deer antler velvet powder in alcohol. The alcohol draws out the available nutrients and serves as a preservative. The solution is filtered to eliminate the residue, and then heated to partially or completely evaporate the alcohol, thus increasing the concentration of deer antler velvet extract. The extract is bottled in alcohol, water or other ingredients.

    Using this method, typical extraction ratios are merely 4:1 or 5:1. More importantly, it is well known that heat compromises and damages deer velvet’s active ingredients. It degrades the prized growth factors and the binding proteins, making the product less effective. In other words, the very process that is used by our competitors to make their extract concentrations stronger are actually making their products weaker.

    Some manufacturers claim their deer antler spray is processed with a high extract ratio. However, independent lab tests showed the IGF-1 content in their products is miniscule. Why? Because despite the large quantity of raw material used, poor processing methods have destroyed the growth factors and likely other beneficial nutrients in the deer antler velvet itself. A high extract ratio, without the proper means of preserving the nutrients extracted, is meaningless. As we mentioned above, always make sure that the growth factor content is disclosed on the label.

    There are a few company's products that actually do have the IGF-1 content as claimed. But these products do not contain the full growth factor matrix. Because IGF-1 requires the presence of the accompanying growth factors to be utilized by the human body, their deer antler sprays are rendered ineffective at best, or completely worthless at worst. 

    Finally, without a liposomal delivery system, the growth factors can be destroyed by stomach acids before being utilized by the body. Liposomes protect our extracts from the gastric system and small intestines, allowing the encapsulated active nutrients to be efficiently delivered to the cells and tissues. 

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